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A story in a poem podcasts


 Migrant Voice - A story in a poem podcasts

A Story in a Poem is an innovative project that brought young migrants and non-migrants together to tell their stories in poetic form, and is presented here as an open-access multimedia education resource.

Migrant Voice organised this project in Glasgow over several months, and encouraged people to use the medium of poetry to discuss their own journeys and lives. The project aimed to ensure new voices are heard on the issue of migration and to strengthen relations between migrants and non-migrants in Glasgow.

Scroll down to read the poems, listen to the podcast or watch a short film about the project. They are unique snapshots of life in one of Britain’s most diverse cities, and the journeys that brought people there.


In Sounds and Silence

By Abigale 

In sounds and silence, Glasgow sings and breaks and sings and breaks
Clouds muffle the harmony of the sun, the rhythm of steps keep the beat
go to work, work and work, now go home
break, pain…
tip – tap, tippa tappa tap
dancing feet, bagpipes
ayes! And freedom all around.

Listen to the podcast: soundcloud.com/migrant-voice/in-sounds-and-silence


By Stephan 

To visit my friend, to have a jam, to catch up about life.
All the way from West-end via Botanic Gardens and Kelvin Walkway through Most quiet streets,
Cycling with no helmet but at least a working break.
People walking dogs or jogging with headphones, holding hands and smartphones.
I felt free as at times when you don’t pedal and just move,
Whole wind is blowing your sweat and thoughts out, I felt like living in a moment,
Which now is just a memory, as writing now will become a memory.
A memory of writing the feeling of letting out of your head
At least a bit, as how can you express yourself truly, fully?
Perhaps by running naked in the fields.
Why do you need to express yourself?
Feel free to share how you feel though.

Listen to the podcast: soundcloud.com/migrant-voice/dennistoun


Sounds of Glasgow

By Claudia 

Running the gauntlet of Sauchiehall Street on a Saturday, bagpipes, karaoke, buskers, a sea of sound
People selling, begging, advertising, fighting, singing, joking, calling out 'Big Issue! buy a Big issue!'
Spare some change? Hi do you have a minute? 
Your donation could make all the difference
What phone provider do you use?
Join the Destiny church and never be lonely again!'
Cheap phones for sale!
Not interested thanks. 
Nae bother, have a nice day anyway

Listen to the podcast: soundcloud.com/migrant-voice/sounds-of-glasgow

The city within 

By Jarrod

As we arrive, the city is dark
Tenement flats, shutters and witches hats
Lock—us—out. A drab shroud, illuminated by neon signs and red lights
Raucous jeering spilling out, pub fights ….I have doubt 
Then we explore, out the door and on to Sauchiehall
Under the trees, the dark trodden leaves
To river roar.
The sun embraces Glaswegian arms and faces where
Everyone is out for a piece and there is plenty to share

A few smiles later, a shake of the hand
The quickness to joke and banter. I understand, ahhhh.
There is a brightness to the people that despite this
Rainy grey and the rubbish clogging the drain
It lights us
It provides us with festivals, friendships and laughter
Trips to mountains for climbs and once down, everyone’s
Bright eyes after. 
It gives us a family in the local community, an opportunity 
A different road travelled by each, yet the same wish, the wish
To be free. 

And Glasgow, the magical city, freely grants these. 
No wait, the city is just the lamp, the people are the
Real genies. 
Glasgow itself is just the city with witches hats and flats to be let
But the Glasgow that we won’t forget, is the warmth that’s within the
People we met. 

Listen to the podcast: soundcloud.com/migrant-voice/the-city-within

My life in Abroad

By Awet

I’m going to explain about my life abroad. 
It’s really difficult to live in abroad for me, because I separated from my family, my friends and my culture in my country. 
And I don't have any right to visit my family because I don't have any paper or passport.
I can't go to any country just in the UK.

When I came to the UK I had lots of problem
For example, when I was in Calais, I was in jungle.
The life, the roads, Very bad.
There wasn't home, bed or any important things. 
It was in the winter time, the weather was horrible and most of the time it was rainy and cold.
If we got cold we couldn't change, because we didn't have enough clothes 
So life in abroad in very difficult for me

Listen to the podcast: soundcloud.com/migrant-voice/my-life-in-abroad


By Elias 

Life is a beautiful journey,
Not only about making money.
It’s about adventure,
To have a joy of nature,
A spirit nurture.
Make your life attractive petal,
Your soul will then be immortal

Listen to the podcast: soundcloud.com/migrant-voice/enjoy-life-by-elias

Majority Minority

By Alexis 

Is there really a thing such as a minority and a majority?
Because if you think about it every single person is unique
And hence every single person is a minority
Perhaps it's because minority is not an actual fact
But merely a perception 
You are only in a minority if you are made to feel so
But with love among us we are all A MAJORITY

Listen to the podcast: soundcloud.com/migrant-voice/poem-number-one

My Innocence will prevail

By Anastasia

You crushed my innocence, filled me with fear and pain. 

Silenced with the terror you controlled me. My voice, my being. Thoughts of love tarnished,

Innocence stolen. I had no control over what you did for me. 

But now that choice is mine, my spirit was broken, crushed but not extinguished.

For you will never put out that flame and although at times it is just a flicker.

It fuels the fire which nurtures my soul. Inside me is a passion, a love to be fulfilled. 

A love of life, its beauty and all its wonder and with that thought,

I am an innocent child again.
Listen to the podcast: soundcloud.com/migrant-voice/a-personal-journey


By Ekin 

She paused. Hesitated for a moment; a moment of disbelief - ‘it’s not happening, is it?’
She felt small. Felt ‘not an iota’.
She held her breath. Felt the tears stuck in her eyes.
She paused and stood still in front of those men as if it was a ‘car showroom’.
She paused, felt the state of being stateless.
She, a 20-year-old Yazidi woman, tattooed her dad’s name on her arm once, was bought and sold eight times over 16 months.
She paused for a moment, closed her eyes, held her breath and counted these days of her slavery…
And asked herself, -‘will I ever be set free?’

This poem is inspired by a true story of Yazidi woman
Listen to the podcast: soundcloud.com/migrant-voice/she


Peaceful land

By Jenny

There was a lady in Scotland.
She wanted a peaceful land, she thought in her mind.
But she couldn’t find.
She left her country because she wanted peace, she wonder everywhere,
But she can't find it, now she thought, there the peace is inside her heart
If the heart feels it, it is then happy.

Listen to the podcast: soundcloud.com/migrant-voice/peaceful-land

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