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Here is our list of online only events and programmes related to migration and international development, accessible to anyone anywhere. Please tell us about anything we've missed at [email protected]. In-person events can be found here.



Sunday 2 October

* Simon Reeve’s South America, Bolivia and Paraguay, 9pm, BBC2

* Just Jokes, Black comedians Sophie Duker,  Dane Baptiste, Ola Labib, Tanyia Moore, Big Zuu, Jason Forbes, Kemah Bob, Darren Harriott, 9pm, Dave

* Stephen: The Murder That Changed A Nation, documentary about the killing of Stephen Lawrence, 10.10pm, BBC4 

* Sorry, I Didn’t Know, Black History panel show, hosted by Jimmy Akingbola, 10.20pm, ITV

* Sizwe Bansi Is Dead, South African playwright Athol Fugard’s apartheid-era play, 7.30pm, Radio3

Monday 3 October

* The Walk-in, drama series about a Hope Not Hate attempt to infiltrate a far-right group, 9pm, ITV

* How to steal a trillion, series on UK’s role in the growth of offshore money-laundering, 9.45am, midnight30, Radio4

* Analysis, do street protests achieve anything?, 8.30pm, Radio4

Tuesday 4 October

* Michael Palin: Into Iraq, travelogue, 9pm, Channel 5

* Midwives, fascinating documentary glimpse into an odd couple amidst conflict in Myanmar: a Buddhist midwife and her Muslim trainee, 9pm, BB4 

+ Maynmar: tough love in a  time of strife

* How to steal a trillion, series on UK’s role in the growth of offshore money-laundering, 9.45am, midnight30, Radio4

* File on 4, UK recruitment of foreign doctors, 8pm, Radio4

Wednesday 5 October

* Uprising, the story of the New Cross Fire in which 13 Black people died in 1981, and its aftermath, 9pm, BBC4

* One Dish, comedian Phil Wang’s love for wat tan hor, 9.30am, Radio4

* How to steal a trillion, series on UK’s role in the growth of offshore money-laundering, 9.45am, midnight30, Radio4

Thursday 6 October

* How to steal a trillion, series on UK’s role in the growth of offshore money-laundering, 9.45am, midnight30, Radio4

Friday 7 October

* Simon Reeve’s South America, travelogue, 2.05am, BBC2

* How to steal a trillion, series on UK’s role in the growth of offshore money-laundering, 9.45am, midnight30, Radio4



See here for online and in-person talks and discussions.



* Behind the Algorithm: Migration, Mexican Women and Digital Bias, Mexican-British artist Mónica Alcázar-Duarte examines the role of search engine algorithms in society, and the impact of digital bias and discrimination in shaping cultural ‘truths’.

 * Borderings: Displacement, Gender and Health, eight commissioned artworks by migrant and refugee artists as part of a University College London public engagement programme on migration and health.

* Our Journey Our Story: History and Memory of Sickle Cell Anaemia in Britain, the first such exhibition in the UK. Hosted by the Black Cultural Archives

* Portraits from Tower Avenue, Jamaica, by Jamaica-born photographer Dexter McLean, who moved to UK when he was 9. Hosted by Autograph

Heart of the Nation: Migration and the Making of the NHS, stories and experiences of people who have come to Britain to work in the National Health Service in the past 72 years. Migration Museum.

+ Hearts of Gold

Shanti Panchal: A Personal Language of Painting 2007-2018, born in a village in Gujarat, India, the artist studied at the Sir JJ School of Art, Bombay, before arriving in England on a scholarship: he has now lived and worked in London for more than 40 years, Ben Uri virtual museum.

* Ridley Road Stories, Part 2, photos of African and Caribbean locals on Ridley Road and Gillett Square, Hackney. Hosted by Autograph

* Shadow Shame Again, during lockdown in South Africa, many people have protested against ‘the other pandemic’ - the proliferation of gender-based violence. Penny Siopis’ video response uses footage from her collection of home movies acquired from flea markets and charity shops), with added words and sound. Pelz Gallery

* Contagion: Colour on the Front Line, Aida Silvestri’s experimental body of work exploring the impact of Covid-19 on frontline workers of colour, linking the present with the past. Hosted by Autograph

+ Aida Silvestri in Conversation



* Foxes, streaming of play exploring masculinity and homosexuality within London’s Caribbean Community and black street culture, £10, Theatre503

Nine Livesmonologue by Zodwa Nyoni (born in Zimbabwe, grew up in Yorkshire) about a gay Zimbabwean who seeks asylum in the UK.

Tales From the Front Line... and other stories, stories of the contribution of Black workers in the Covid-19 crisis, Talawa Theatre.

Have Your Passport Ready, short film-meets-video game that puts the audience directly in the world of the UK's hostile environment, hosted by Stand and Be Counted Theatre. 

+ Roll the Asylum Dice

* Things I Am Not, a series of 10 original audio monologues written and performed by a female theatremaker who has migrated to the UK. Hosted by LegalAliens Theatre



* Love Letters to Cinema in Nairobi, seven films by East African and UK-based Black filmmakers, free.

* Beirut Dreams In Colour, 'One good song can do more than 5,000 protests': the queer revolution in the Middle East. Mashrou’ Leila were one of the biggest bands in the Middle East, with a lead singer, Hamed, who is the most prominent openly gay rock star in the Arab world.

* Shasha Moviesindependent streaming service for South-West Asian and North African cinema.

* Unsafe Passage, an overcrowded ship with asylum seekers leaves Libya bound for Europe, triggering a showdown between a Doctors Without Borders vessel wanting to escort it to safety and the Libyan Coast Guard fighting to turn it back, Guardian documentaries

* Of Land and Bread, a series of vignettes about Palestinian daily life under state violence and the whims of Israeli settlers.

* 10 Films to Understand China: Documentaries, subcultures, the legacy of '“opening up”, migrant workers and other aspects of life. Hosted by Radii China

* Celebrating Arab Cinema, hosted by BroadcastPro Middle East.


Thanks to volunteer Daniel Nelson (editor of Eventslondon.org) for compiling this list.

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