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Seeking advice from an immigration lawyer

Seeking advice from an immigration lawyer


 Migrant Voice -
 Migrant Voice - Seeking advice from an immigration lawyer

We have created a flyer with top tips for what to look out for when seeking advice from an immigration lawyer.  Please circulate amongst your networks. 

This is part of our campaign against 'rogue solicitors' and for #HonestAdvice which we started in Birmingham.

We have been made aware of significant numbers of migrants in the West Midlands and beyond who feel as if they have been exploited by immigration solicitors – or even people posing as solicitors.

Our network meeting in Birmingham on the 19th of October saw a packed room with Shabana Mahmood MP, activists, lawyers and migrants from a range of backgrounds speaking on the issue of rogue migration solicitors. 

One of the actions from that meeting was to contact the regulators on this issue and we are currently in dialogue with one of the regulators.

Another action was to raise more awareness of what to look out for so that migrants can find good immigration lawyers. The 'top tips' document is a step in this. Please share widely.