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Celebrating International Migrants Day

Celebrating International Migrants Day


 Migrant Voice -
 Migrant Voice - Celebrating International Migrants Day

On International Migrants Day (December 18th), Migrant Voice called for the celebration and recognition of the role and contribution of migrants to society.

Ordinary citizens have demonstrated solidarity with migrants and refugees this year and individuals in the UK have a proud history of offering their support.  

However, as the refugee crisis in Europe escalates and conditions deteriorate we called on the international community to listen to migrants’ voices, and uphold our collective values, fundamental rights and human rights rather than degrading them.

Visit our twitter and facebook to see our members’ media work In London, Birmingham and Scotland to celebrate International Migrants Day, December 18th

Coverage included:


December 16th

Letter published in the Evening Standard

December 18th

BBC 94.9 on the Breakfast show - Jamima Fagta was interviewed

Letters were sent to the following papers: The Metro, The Guardian, The Mirror, The Independent, The Telegraph and were printed in the Metro and the Independent.



December 18

BBCWM radio between 10 and 12 am - Interviews were held with Virginia Kamara and Almamy Taal

Letters were sent in to the following papers: The Birmingham Mail,  The Metro, The Birmingham Post. We had seven letters printed in the Birmingham Mail and one in the Metro.



December 18th

Letters sent in to The Metro, several Highland newspapers. Letters were printed in the Metro and in Highland newspapers.

An article was printed in the Falkirk Herald,

December 19th

BBC radio Good Morning Scotland – Anna and Amparo were interviewed.

An article was printed in the Daily Record with interviews with Miro, Anna and Pinar.