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UK launch of PARTICIPATE. iNTEGRATION - Making integration happen

UK launch of PARTICIPATE. iNTEGRATION - Making integration happen


 Migrant Voice -
 Migrant Voice - UK launch of PARTICIPATE. iNTEGRATION  - Making integration happen



A migrant-led organisation, Migrant Voice, is teaming up with MoneyGram on a national integration campaign in the UK.

“PARTICIPATE. iNTEGRATION is the first time we have worked with business organisations but it is a crucially important moment in Britain,” says Migrant Voice director Nazek Ramadan.

“Brexit and political upheavals around the world have put migration in the spotlight and whatever happens politically in the next few months the lives of hundreds of thousands of migrants will be affected – and so will the lives of the British people.”

Ramadan emphasised that migrants wanted to be part of British life and to contribute to the country, “but there are many obstacles and we want to help bridge the gaps.”

“We are pleased to announce Migrant Voice as strategic partner for our initiative and look forward to the first UK project together with them. Migrant Voice is a leading UK organisation that cares about migrant issues. We are sure that fits perfectly into our plan,” says Richard Levy, Head of Digital and Key Partnerships Marketing, Europe at MoneyGram.

Migrant Voice will deliver the first campaign activity, involving the production of a series of videos in cities around the country.

Other UK non-government organisations supporting the integration of migrants and refugees can submit funding applications through the campaign website at https://www.participate-integration.eu 

The launch will take place on Tuesday 13 November, 6-8pm, at Migrant Voice, 200A Pentonville Road, London N1 9JP.

The UK campaign originated in Germany with the support of two German organisations, Kalic Media and IT Hilft, which are also backing the initiative in the UK.

+ For more information and launch details email [email protected] or call 07467 299 335 

Migrant Voice (www.migrantvoice.org) is a national migrant-led organisation supporting migrants, refugees and asylum seekers regardless of status or country of origin. We develop the media skills and confidence of migrants to contribute directly to the media and public debates about migration in order to counter xenophobia and increase support for the rights of migrants.