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MV member speaks to Channel 4 News

MV member speaks to Channel 4 News


 Migrant Voice -
 Migrant Voice - MV member speaks to Channel 4 News

On 21 May, Channel 4 News spoke to MV member Shantel, a care home assistant who, like most migrants, pays the NHS surcharge on top of her taxes and visa fees.

"I'm struggling... I already pay taxes, so why do I have to pay the NHS surcharge?" she said. "It's like a double tax. It's like I'm not worth anything, it's like I'm not valued as a person. But I'm doing a lot, I'm on the frontline, I'm risking my life, I'm putting myself out there to help people."

During the interview, she found out that the surcharge was being dropped for health workers and she was extremely delighted! The story led the Channel 4 News that evening.

Watch the full story here.