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Member gets story onto Glasgow website

Member gets story onto Glasgow website


 Migrant Voice -
 Migrant Voice - Member gets story onto Glasgow website

On 3 July, the Glasgow online news platform Greater Govanhill published an article about the number of languages spoken in Govanhill, an area of the city that hosts many different migrant communities.

The article was based on a survey run by MV member Marzanna Antoniak, who is also quoted in the piece:

“Govanhill ‘feels’ multicultural, everyone says so, but the survey has shown us that it's even richer than we could have thought. So I guess I've learned that Govanhill truly is where the world meets. And it's been a reminder that people are immensely proud of their languages. They are, after all, a significant part of our identity.” 

Read the full article here.

This article was pitched and published as part of the Meet a Migrant project.