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Tens of thousands support cancer patient Lewin’s campaign to stay in the UK

Tens of thousands support cancer patient Lewin’s campaign to stay in the UK

Sundus Abdi

 Migrant Voice - Tens of thousands support cancer patient Lewin’s campaign to stay in the UK


A petition campaigning against the deportation of an elderly cancer patient has received more than 76,000 signatures.

Lewin Williams, 74, has lived in Birmingham for almost 20 years and has been receiving hospital treatment for myeloma, a type of blood cancer, twice a week. 

If deported to his home country of Jamaica, Williams will not be able to afford his healthcare - nor will he have a network of family and friends to support him.

Migrant Voice is supporting Lewins’ campaign to remain in the UK, where he can continue receiving treatment for his cancer. 

In Birmingham, Williams has received support from the friends he has made over the last two decades. This has been especially important for him since he has been living in a homeless shelter. 

“It’s the compassionate and right thing to do,” wrote one person on Lewin’s petition. Another said they signed it “because I am a human being”. 

One person questioned the UK government's deportation policies. “The government seems to have no heart or no thought about how these individuals are and will be affected mentally when they push these actions of innocent people,” they said.

Migrant Voice Birmingham Network Worker Salman Mirza, who has been assisting Lewin, said: “The support for Lewin from all quarters has been unprecedented. The people have spoken, let him stay!”

Despite being given the opportunity to appeal his case, Williams lives in fear of being deported. 

“I would not like the Home Office to deport me because I know I will pass away because I can’t afford the treatment there”, he told The Voice earlier this year.

“It is very rough on me at the moment and sometimes I feel like I would rather take my own life than go back to Jamaica and suffer.”

We hope that the public support for Lewin will prompt the Home Office to reconsider its decision and instead allow him to stay at home in the UK.

To sign Lewin's petition calling on the Home Office to let him stay in the UK, click here


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