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Support the Gurmit Kaur campaign

Support the Gurmit Kaur campaign


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 Migrant Voice - Support the Gurmit Kaur campaign

“Being here in Smethwick is my true home, it’s where I work to help the community, it’s where I give back, it’s where I know and love the people who have become my family. This is the society I am part of and the place I have made my home.”

Gurmit Kaur is a 75-year-old woman from India and a member of Migrant Voice. She has lived in Smethwick since 2009, but she is undocumented and lives in fear of being forcibly removed to India, where she has no home and no family.

Together with Brushstrokes and Gurdwara Baba Sang Ji, and of course with Gurmit herself, Migrant Voice is campaigning for Gurmit to be given leave to remain so she can continue living in and being part of her community without fear of being deported. 

The Sikh community locally and around the country have rallied to the cause, as have thousands of others. In just a week, a petition calling for Gurmit to be granted leave to remain has gathered more than 50,000 signatures – and it’s rising all the time. The campaign is also being supported by John Spellar MP, who is asking the Home Office to grant Gurmit discretionary leave to remain.

Supporters have also been posting photos on social media with the message #WeAreAllGurmitKaur. Use this poster to post your own photo in solidarity! And why not print and display this one in your window?

Gurmit's story has been covered on ITV Central and BBC Midlands as well as the Huffington PostSikh Channel, Asian Image, Asian World News and local newspapers I Am Birmingham, the Express & Star and the Hillingdon & Uxbridge Times.


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For more information, or to get involved, contact Salman Mirza, Migrant Voice’s Project Worker in Birmingham: [email protected]

For journalists: See a press release here and download photographs and video of Gurmit Kaur and the campaign here (strictly for press use only).