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Status Now Network statement on Britain First

Status Now Network statement on Britain First


 Migrant Voice -
 Migrant Voice - Status Now Network statement on Britain First

Migrant Voice deplores the actions of some members of Britain First over the last few days, who have been entering asylum accommodation in different parts of the UK and harrassing and filming those living there. As a member of the Status Now Network, we fully endorse the statement below.


29 August 2020

The Status Now Network unconditionally condemns the actions of Members of Britain First, a British fascist political organisation formed in 2011 by former members of the British National Party. Britain First members have filmed people seeking asylum placed in hotels through the Government’s sub-contracted asylum system, and are now using their film, includes inflammatory words and phrases commentary, to ferment their anti-immigration stance.

Through its contract with The AASC providers – Serco, Clearsprings and Mears Group – the Home Office has an inescapable duty of care towards these people seeking asylum. The AASC providers are subcontracting to, for example, Brittania Hotels and Holiday Inn but they retain responsibility for the care of the people in the hotels and they must immediately demonstrate that care.

Britain First members are filming people, including children, without their permission and then uploading it to their website where it can be copied and sent on. The location and the people living in the hotel can be easily identified and so they are being placed at risk on every level. 

Britain First is using the film to engender hatred. The term ‘hate crime’ describes a range of criminal behaviours where the perpetrator is motivated by hostility or demonstrates hostility towards the victim’s disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or transgender identity.

  • Race appears to be an issue – they ask people, ‘are you from Eritrea’ etc etc
  • Hostility is evident in the tone of voice
  • Questions put to the residents and the words used to the camera are intended to create hostility in those watching towards these people

Status Now Network unconditionally welcomes people to the UK. The democratic forces of law and order must be used immediately to:

– Protect these people who are lawfully seeking asylum

– Stop and prosecute the actions of those Britain First members: they are threatening the safety of vulnerable people living in hotels, instilling fear, and stirring up hatred that seeks to promote their fascist ideology.