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Kick off for our Migration, Making Britain Great campaign

Kick off for our Migration, Making Britain Great campaign


 Migrant Voice - Kick off for our Migration, Making Britain Great campaign

As we gear up for the start of the new Premier League season it is evident how immigration and diversity have helped create one of the top tiers of global football. Partnering with Show Racism the Red Card and IMIX, Migrant Voice are proud to stand up for that diversity and show how immigration brings the same strength and talent to our whole country. 

Our partnership campaign, Migration, Making Britain Great, aims to challenge and address the myths and misconceptions which surround migration, and show how it has not only created one of the greatest football leagues, but how it can ensure that Britain is a great country. 

Misinformation and misleading rhetoric spread about migrants has become even more prevalent , particularly in recent years. The term “illegal” has become part of common parlance. This campaign will shine a spotlight on that and confront it, providing better education around the realities of migration. Working with those with first-hand experience of migration, including sporting role models, together with Show Racism The Red Card and IMIX, we will show the facts around migration, and celebrate the contributions which migrants make to every part of our society.

Migrants form part of our communities, they are the people we talk to on the bus, our colleagues, our friends, our favourite footballers. Each plays an important part in making up the fabric of this country and through this project we will show the importance of that.

Sport knows no borders, no boundaries. You are judged on how well you play, not where you were born. Every week millions watch players from nearly 70 different nationalities play against each other. We cheer them on and we commiserate their losses. Nationality does not come into our thinking. We see the positive impact of sport on our lives, on our children’s lives, on a daily basis. That same impact should apply to all migrants, across this whole country. Together we can challenge the toxic narrative on immigration.

Throughout the campaign we will bring together footballers and others to ensure that we can all stand as one team, united, in the belief and understanding that immigration and diversity makes us all stronger, makes us, and the country we call home, greater.

You can read the press release from all partners here.

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