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The UK Migrant Voices for Change Project

The UK Migrant Voices for Change Project


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 Migrant Voice - The UK Migrant Voices for Change Project

Our UK Migrant Voices for Change network forms the basis of our work and has hubs in Birmingham, Glasgow and London.

The network offers regular training and mentoring in media skills such as writing articles, interview techniques, video making, social media and pitching stories to journalists.

We hold regular network meetings to discuss topical issues, develop our understanding of relevant policies, and plan our media work and strategies.

Network members engage with the media and the public debate and have made their voices heard on mainstream and regional media including Channel 4, BBC, Birmingham Mail, The Daily Record and many more as well as on social media channels. 

The network also organises public events, including conferences, to encourage dialogue about migration between migrants, the media and the British public.

Who should get involved?

If you are you concerned about the way migrants are portrayed in the media and you want to do something about it…

If you are passionate about bringing positive change to the immigration debate…

Then this network is for you.

Individual migrants (migrants, refugees and asylum seekers) as well as organisations, media professionals, academics, policy makers, and other institutions and members of the public are welcome to join the network.

The UK Migrant Voices for Change Project is currently funded by the Barrow Cadbury Trust in the West Midlands, and has previously also been funded by the City Bridge Trust for our London network. Contributions from the trusts that have and are funding our core have supported the network.