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Who we are


Migrant Voice is a migrant-led organisation established to develop the skills, capacity and confidence of members of migrant communities, including asylum seekers and refugees. We work to amplify migrant voices in the media and public life to counter xenophobia and build support for our rights.

Migration brings a wealth of benefits to Britain. But public and media debate routinely leaves out migrant voices, and can be toxic, misleading, and damaging to community cohesion. We believe the best antidote to divisive rhetoric is real stories, told by real people. 

These can be stories like that of Irene, forced away from her British family by Home Office bureaucracy; Dawoud, who found sanctuary here only to be sent back to a country that tortured him; or Sabrina, who like other Europeans in the UK, faces a question mark over her future. Or they can be positive stories about the contributions made by the migrants who keep our schools and hospitals running or give up their time to help those in need. 

We bring migrants from all backgrounds together, discuss our concerns and translate them into innovative campaigns, or research projects to ensure these important issues are not forgotten.

We offer professional media training, support and connections with the media.

Our work makes national headlines in the dailies and on TV, on local radio and in newspapers and magazines, and we've branched out into digital media. The coverage we generate moves popular opinion, influences policymakers and provides resources for those doing frontline work.  

People should never have to feel voiceless. We provide new ways to speak out - and we believe our work makes a tangible difference to the welfare of our communities and the strength of society in Britain and beyond. 

Migrant Voice has regional hubs in London, Birmingham and Glasgow. Membership is open to all migrants and non-migrants wanting to engage in creating positive change. To get involved, please contact us.