Migration and the media - guide for journalism students

GMT 15:11 Tuesday ,03 March 2015

 Migrant Voice - Migration and the media - guide for journalism students


Migration is a complex issue, the range of views is huge and strong positions are often taken – not surprising considering that discussion can involve ethnicity, religion, nationality, jobs, sex, food, personal habits, education, taxes, housing, dress, language, health and much, much more.

How the print, broadcast and electronic media report these discussions is crucial. Their reports can echo what is being said or scrutinise it; influence the debate by excluding particular facts and comments or illuminate it by digging out fresh information; muddle it by inaccurately reporting statistics and failing to understand terms or clarify it by balanced presentation; inflame debate by using emotive language or contribute to reasoned discussion by identifying exaggerations, stereotypes, prejudice and generalisations and by presenting all sides of the issue; and put people at the centre of debate by giving a voice to migrants themselves.

This Migrant Voice guide does not set out to exhaustively cover all the issues: its aim is to draw attention to some of the most common pitfalls. We hope it will be useful for lecturers and students of journalism and communications.

To read the full guide, click here: https://www.scribd.com/doc/257528700/Migration-and-the-Media



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