International Migrants’ Day: 'Celebrating Migrants' Voices'

GMT 14:32 Tuesday ,20 January 2015

 Migrant Voice - International Migrants’ Day: 'Celebrating Migrants' Voices'


Migrant Voice London network organised an event to celebrate International migrants' Day jointly with the Westminster University Migrant Network Group and migrants' Rights Network.

The event took place on December 18th, at the University of Westminster, Regent Street Campus.

The event challenged the negative rhetoric of migrants portrayed by media and politicians and focused on migrants’ voices and relayed their experiences through powerful art, exhibitions, film, poetry, dance, music and international food..

Guests enjoyed stalls with films, exhibitions and other contributions from Migrant Voice, Art Represent, Migrant Resource Centre, Brighter Futures (Praxis Community Projects), migrants Contribute, migrants’ Rights Network and Detention Action.

The event also run a film festival showing Migrant Voice’s films 'The Faces of Our Cities - Stories of migration: Past and Present' (2013) and 'Yurik' (2010) and hosted spoken word artists.

A live dance performance of Iranian traditional rice farming dance and a performance by Turkish music group 'Nefes Ensemble' added to the magic of the event. 


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