'Words matter': Promoting the use of accurate terminology

GMT 14:52 Tuesday ,20 January 2015

 Migrant Voice - 'Words matter': Promoting the use of accurate terminology


Migrant Voice is currently working with PICUM (Platform for International Cooperation on undocumented migrants) to develop strategies to disseminate the ‘Words Matter’ campaign.

The campaign which was launched in June 2014 aims to challenge discriminating language in reference to undocumented migrants. The major tool of the campaign is a pocket-size leaflet which advocates against the use of the term ‘illegal migrant’ in all EU languages.

Migrant Voice and other PICUM members have been promoting the use of accurate terminology among media, policy-makers and network partners.

The leaflet can be downloaded at: http://picum.org/picum.org/uploads/file_/TerminologyLeaflet_reprint_FINAL.pdf


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