Migrant Voice Launches Dublin Report at the EU in Brussels

GMT 19:30 Tuesday ,21 March 2017

 Migrant Voice - Migrant Voice Launches Dublin Report at the EU in Brussels


As part of the launch of Migrant Voice’s investigative report into the unjust process of the 'Dublin' Regulation; Migrant Voice Director Nazek Ramadan lobbied the report at the European Parliament. 

The report was presented to, and discussed with, a number of MEP’s working on the development of 'Dublin IV', including London MEP Jean Lambert. 

The ‘Roads to Nowhere' was further presented at the launch of the Refugees’ Ideas and Solutions for Europe (RISE) network and to NGO’s at the European Council for Refugees and Exiles, (ECRE)

The testimonies in the ‘Roads to Nowhere' report are heart-breaking and a testament to the failure of the current system both on a humanitarian level, and on a viability level. 

Dublin III regulation failures include:

•    not taking sufficient account of where asylum seekers have familial, social or language connections

•    leaving asylum seekers in countries that have no desire to accommodate them and where they have no desire to be

•   asking EU border states, often those with struggling economies, to render disproportionate levels of assistance 

•   Compelling asylum seekers to return to EU Member States where they claim to have experienced abuse, violence and trauma

•    Violent coercion has been linked to the fingerprinting process and other processes which the Regulation relies on

The Regulation does not work for asylum seekers and does not work for EU states. 

The current version of the Dublin regulation, known as 'Dublin IV', is being discussed and drafted in Europe. 

Migrant Voice has called on Europe to abolish 'Dublin' and replace it with the Single European Asylum Application (SEAA) and process. 

  • The Single European Asylum Application would present the asylum seeker with a single European asylum application form, which would be standardised across Member States. 
  • This form would take into account any immediate or extended family connections, social connections or language abilities within European countries that the asylum seeker has, and their preference for settlement, aiming to ensure the asylum seeker applies for asylum first in the state of their preference. 
  • Its administrators would also monitor the number of asylum applications being processed through this system in all Member States, with a view to ensuring a fair distribution of applications. 

The application system would also act to set minimum standards for the following:

a) reception conditions for asylum seekers

b) the behaviour and practices of border enforcement agencies 

c) the transparency of application processes

d) the efforts made to promote integration and cohesion of new asylum seekers. 

These standards would be reviewed and monitored independently and abolish the need for the Dublin Regulation.

You can read the report here



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