12th EU meeting of People Experiencing Poverty

GMT 11:16 Thursday ,16 May 2013

 Migrant Voice - 12th EU meeting of People Experiencing Poverty

People experiencing poverty are making their voice heard in Europe. Migrant Voice is coordinating the UK delegation to the 12th EU meeting of People experiencing Poverty taking place in Brussels the 18th-20th of June, 2013 in the Esplanade in front of the European Parliament. The event: 'What can we learn from the experiences of poverty today?; Dialogue on commitments made, realities lived and ways to move forward' is organised by European Anti Poverty Network (EAPN) with the support of the UK Commission and Parliament. This is an annual event that brings together people experiencing poverty from all over Europe is proving to be an empowering experience. Participants are from both British and migrant communities that work together as one team to make a presentation to the meeting on jobs and employment and the barriers to overcoming poverty. The basic purpose of the Meetings of People experiencing poverty is to listen to people experiencing poverty, and to establish a dialogue with policy- and decision-makers in the field of fight against poverty and social exclusion at the European level and at national levels. In the late 1990s, EAPN Europe along with other social NGOs pressed the European institutions for an anti-poverty policy that really delivers. This intensive lobbying resulted in the implementation of the European Social Inclusion Strategy decided on at the Nice Summit in 2000. Objective 4 of that strategy, calls for all relevant bodies to be mobilised, especially people experiencing poverty. Since then, much has been done to get the words reflected in actions. The first European Meeting of people experiencing poverty was held in 2001 under the Belgian presidency of the EU at the instigation of the Belgian government. Some members of EAPN were involved. Over time, these meetings have turned into an EU Presidency/European Commission initiative, a development of major political significance. The meetings have gradually risen up the European authorities and Member States’ agendas, and are now seen as a big policy event where the expertise of people experiencing poverty can be leveraged … an achievement that we have to build up and develop further in the years ahead. For more information please contact Migrant Voice.      

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