Migrant Voice - Migrant Voice Launches Dublin Report at the EU in Brussels
As part of the launch of Migrant Voice’s investigative report into the unjust process of the 'Dublin' Regulation; Migrant Voice Director Nazek Ramadan lobbied the report at the European Parliament.  The report was presented to, and discussed with, a number of MEP’s working on the development of 'Dublin IV', including London MEP Jean Lambert.  The ‘Roads to Nowhere' was further presented…Read more
 Migrant Voice - MV Director speaking at DW Global Media Forum June 13-15 in Bonn
MV Director speaking at DW Global Media Forum
Migrant Voice Director Nazek Ramadan is speaking at the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum, which is taking place June 13-15 in Bonn, Germany. The Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum, now in its ninth year, is Germany's international congress which addresses the role of media in politics and civil society. Focusing on a variety of hot topical issues, the conference draws over…Read more
 Migrant Voice - 'Words matter': Promoting the use of accurate terminology
Migrant Voice is currently working with PICUM (Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants) to develop strategies to disseminate the ‘Words Matter’ campaign. The campaign which was launched in June 2014 aims to challenge discriminating language in reference to undocumented migrants. The major tool of the campaign is a pocket-size leaflet which advocates against the use of the term ‘illegal…Read more
 Migrant Voice - 12th EU meeting of People Experiencing Poverty
People experiencing poverty are making their voice heard in Europe. Migrant Voice is coordinating the UK delegation to the 12th EU meeting of People experiencing Poverty taking place in Brussels the 18th-20th of June, 2013 in the Esplanade in front of the European Parliament. The event: 'What can we learn from the experiences of poverty today?; Dialogue on commitments made,…Read more
 Migrant Voice - 2010, The European Year Against Poverty
A large number of events and activities are taking place throughout this year all over Europe to mark the year 2010. The European Commission designated 2010 as The European Year Against Poverty (EY2010). The purpose of this is to emphasise the EU's commitment to making a decisive impact on the eradication of poverty whilst providing financial support to a wide…Read more
 Migrant Voice - Migrants in Portugal
The European Anti Poverty Portugal Network looks at the situation of migrants in Portugal.  This article explores issues relating to migration in Portugal such as the integration of migrants into Portuguese society, the countries where migrants are coming from, and the effects of migration inflows/outflows and how it is related to poverty. It also assesses how the situation is changing…Read more
 Migrant Voice - EU 2010 Conference On Migration
Ending poverty amongst migrants was the main focus of a conference organised by the European Anti Poverty Network (EAPN) in Cyprus on the 10-12 June 2010.  The conference was attended by more than 150 delegates from 27 European countries which included high level EU officials and Cypriot ministers. Migrant Voice presented the situation on Migrants in the UK on behalf…Read more
 Migrant Voice - A special issue on Migration for the European Anti Poverty Magazine
The European Anti Poverty Magazine produced by the European Anti Poverty Network in Brussels, dedicated a special edition in June on migration in Europe. The issue included contributions from some of the members of the 27 European countries’ network about the situation of migrants in their countries. Migrant Voice article focused on ‘Migrant Voice 2010 – Election Special’ newspaper and…Read more

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