Mohamad Reza's story

The poetry thief

GMT 21:55 Thursday ,13 April 2017

 Migrant Voice - The poetry thief



Mohamad Reza, a young writer from Iran, has brought his talents to the West Midlands, where he was inadvertently inspired to write by his older sister.

Mohamad who came to the UK with his family has been writing since an early age and not all of his writing was his own.

As a child growing up in Iran Mohamad saw his sister writing poetry and was so impressed he stole and copied it, showing off to friends about his work, until one day his sister found out and confronted him.

He broke down and told her he was sad and jealous of his sister as he felt her poetry was so beautiful. After a good telling off he vowed to write his own poetry and maybe one day be as good as his sister.

He has now set his sights on the world of rap where he says there is a wider audience and following, transferring his writing into music.

Now years later he does feel his writing is as good his sisters.

Mohamad says he wants to get involved with Migrant Voice and encourage others to bring out their artistic side.


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