Face2Face: facilitating dialogue between migrants and European citizens

GMT 19:53 Tuesday ,27 January 2015

 Migrant Voice - Face2Face: facilitating dialogue between migrants and European citizens


The Face 2 Face project aims to break down negative stereotypes and improve public perception of migrants and the phenomenon of migration in the Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Italy and Spain by creating strong and long-lasting basis for interaction and dialogue between migrants and members of receiving communities. Since a large part of the project will take place in 2013, themigrantvoice.org/' > EUropean Year of Citizenship, the project seeks to bring attention to the wider definition of citizen, meaning a person who is linked to a country by rights, but also by responsibility to the society. With Face 2 Face, partner organisations want to emphasize that migrants are an integral part ofmigrantvoice.org/' > EUropean societies.  

The most effective way to fight xenophobic attitudes towards migrants is by providing members of the public with concrete facts and tangible personal links with migrants, a fact mentioned in the 7th Common Basic Principle for Integration Policy ofmigrantvoice.org/' > EU.  

The project involves following activities or outputs:   Media trainings for migrants Creating Module Lecture Guide on accurate reporting on migration for journalism professors and students Documentary film on the experience of migration Public events  

Partners of the project:   People in Need (Czech Republic, Prague) SOS Racismo – Mugak (ESP, San Sebastian) CESVI (IT, Bergamo)   The Face2Face project is cofinanced by themigrantvoice.org/' > EU through themigrantvoice.org/' > EUropean Integration Fund.


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