Engaging Pictures project

GMT 19:47 Tuesday ,27 January 2015

 Migrant Voice - Engaging Pictures project


The ‘Engaging Pictures’ project aimed to improve participants' skills and confidence in promoting a better dialogue around migration through developing their strategic messaging around migration and producing images and words which communicate positive messages to create better understanding amongst communities.

Migrant Voice brought together a group of migrants  and individuals from the host community, who were interested in building more inclusive communities. Participants were trained and supported in strategic messaging, understanding public attitude, and creative communication by a number of media and communication experts on an in kind basis. The project’s photographer produced exhibition quality images for the project.

The final exhibition had images displayed as printed photos, with accompanying texts to celebrate Migrants' contribution to Scotland. The project culminated with three exhibitions of the photos and text with facilitated workshops for different host community audiences.

By bringing participants from migrant and host communities together and exhibiting in various locations, the project created a space for dialogue, and real engagement over an issue well recognised for its sensitivity and tensions.  


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