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Changing Lenses - Glasgow stories of integration

Changing Lenses - Glasgow stories of integration


 Migrant Voice -
 Migrant Voice - Changing Lenses - Glasgow stories of integration

Migrant Voice launches Photography Exhibition at Glasgow Centre for Contemporary Arts

On June 7th, Migrant Voice presented a selection of photographs by 28 Glasgow-based participants from 25 countries, charting the newcomers' and host communities' experiences of settling into Glasgow life.

This exhibition was the culmination of our ‘Changing Lenses, Glasgow stories of integration’ project which brought communities together to explore integration and created shared messages to build stronger communities.

The 28 participants shared their diverse experiences as refugees, asylum seekers, workers, international students and host community members, working together to contribute a huge range of skills and talents that culminated in this exhibition of many different perspectives, views and voices.

‘When I first heard I was being moved to Glasgow I was sad and worried - people told me that Scotland was very cold and not a good place to move to. But when I arrived in Glasgow I knew it was fantastic. The first person I met was a cab driver at Central Station - he was a really nice guy, with lots of passion’Solomon Bright Adebayo

‘My family has been chased away by adversity in different parts of the world… Somewhere along the line I wound up bearing a strongly Scottish-originating family name, so my present situation here in Scotland could be seen as, why not, the destined completion of a loop. Glasgow is the home of a family that hosted my great grandfather as a refugee’ Ella Campbell

Migrant Voice Director Nazek Ramadan said: “It is always encouraging to hear from the highest political level in Scotland that migrants are welcome and play an important role in the future of Scotland. This makes a real difference to migrants making Scotland their home and feeling part of the community. This was reflected in the relationships built throughout our project, which brought Glaswegians new and old together.”

Watch the video from the launch event here 

The project was funded by Awards for All Scotland