in reaction to complaints from detainees

Yarl's Wood to increase number of female employees

GMT 16:58 Thursday ,26 February 2015

 Migrant Voice - Yarl's Wood to increase number of female employees

Carla Gemma Calandra

Yarl’s Wood will increase female employees at the detention centre by 18% from its current 42%. As reported on the 24th of February, this is in reaction to the allegations and arrests made against various male employee misconduct towards the women held at the centre. Independent investigations persist as women continue voicing their complaints. However, on-going dismissal of numerous accused staff has not significantly decreased the number of complaints made by the women in the centre.

The new approach had been recommended by the national organization, Women for Refugee Women, in the January 2015 issue of “I Am Human.” They remark that “no male staff should be employed in roles where they come into contact with women detainees” The article promoted “Gender-specific standards” in detention sites.

Others are arguing against said methods of addressing domestic violence and violence against women. Victoria Law has addressed the issue of ‘carceral feminism’, which “fails to address factors that exacerbate abuse, such as male entitlement, economic inequality, the lack of safe and affordable housing, and the absence of other resources.”

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