Companies Call For Higher Cap on Visa Limit

We want more skilled migrants

GMT 13:19 Friday ,24 July 2015

 Migrant Voice - We want more skilled migrants

Photo by British High Commission, New Delhi
The cap on tier 2 business visas has now been reached two months in a row. Up to 20 firms have consequently complained about being unable to fill vacant jobs.   The 20,700 annual cap on tier 2 visas for skilled workers was introduced in 2011. The monthly quota was reached for the first time last month. The Prime Minister announced new proposals in June to significantly cut work-related migration from outside Europe with more limits on tier 2 visas.   CBI (the Confederation of British Industry) Director General John Cridland said the cap was fine for a country in recession but was too tight for a growing economy, and was exacerbating the skills shortage across British firms. He urged the Prime Minister to ‘push it up and give it a bit of headroom’.   Cridland criticised how skilled migrants seemed to have become ‘the first port of call’ as they were easier to target.    Furthermore, Cridland also criticised Home Office plans to end the right for non-EU students to work for up to 10 hours a week while they study in the UK and to force them to leave the country after they graduate.   Read more:   Photo by British High Commission, New Delhi  

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