Cameron announces

UK to take thousands of Syrian Refugees

GMT 19:33 Friday ,04 September 2015

 Migrant Voice - UK to take thousands of Syrian Refugees

Photo by DFID
Razia Khanum

In recent weeks there has been growing ‘pressure’ on Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron both domestically and internationally, to respond to the refugee crisis in Europe. Eventually Cameron had to give in to the demands to take in more asylum seekers.

Cameron’s decision to resettle thousands of Syrian refugees came as pictures of Aylan Kurdi went viral: a young Syrian boy who drowned when the boat he was travelling in capsized. Around 300,000 people have signed a petition to parliament for the UK to accept more asylum seekers.

After seeing the pictures, Cameron himself admitted that he was ‘deeply moved’ by the incident.

Critics included his own Party backbenchers and the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, who said that his strategy of ‘walk on by on the other side’ was not only putting Britain to ‘shame’ but also the entire humanity.

Due to growing pressure, Cameron has now announced his decision to accept thousands of Syrian refugees proclaiming Britain as a ‘Moral Nation’. However, he is not going to be taking in refugees who have already reached Europe on their own, saying that by doing so he fears that it will only encourage more people to make the perilous journey to Europe. The refugees will be chosen from the refugee camps on the Syrian border operated by the UNCHR.

So far Britain has taken in less than 200 Syrians from these camps, but has given asylum or other forms or protection for up to 5000 Syrian refugees who have managed to make their own way to Britain since 2011.

The shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper is delighted with Cameron’s announcement, however says that up to 10,000 refugees should be accepted.

Cameron is going to ‘map’ out his plan in his meeting with the Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy today. This meeting was originally intended for Britain’s scheme to ‘reform’ the European Union.

A proper plan is yet to be drawn with the details of funding, numbers and the location for refugees being planned in Whitehall. A commons statement is going to be presented in Parliament when it commences on Monday.

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