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UK aid budget to be used to ease migration crisis

GMT 14:00 Tuesday ,24 November 2015

 Migrant Voice - UK aid budget to be used to ease migration crisis

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Madie Darbonne

Prime Minister David Cameron has recently pledged to use £475m of the UK’s foreign aid budget over the next five years to “ease the flow of migrants and refugees to Europe”. In addition to the £200m that has been pledged to aid African countries in addressing the problems generating high rates of migration, the prime minister has declared another £275m of support to be given to Turkey.

To date, the Turkish government has spent 7bn euros on some 2 million refugees. A government representative has said that the offered £275m would be a means of providing Turkey with additional support, as the route from Turkey to Greece has become an important route for Syrian refugees in recent months.

For those who have been left homeless by the conflict in Syria, this money could be used to build new refugee camps and provide provisions while allowing the refugees to stay closer to their homeland. The aim of this, according to the government representative, would be to try and create solutions for people “in and around Syria”, so that if a solution to the violence in Syria is achieved it is easier for people to return home.

The support the money would offer could also be used to tackle the sale of rafts to desperate refugees trying to make their way from Turkey to Europe, the representative suggests.

The new efforts to provide funding for Africa and Turkey come after Cameron’s pledge that the UK would play a “huge and historic role” in aiding the crisis, particularly through the means of derailing gangs of human traffickers benefitting from desperate people’s situations. Cameron’s representative explains that in investing in solutions overseas they hope to better manage the problem where assistance is needed most.

To read more: http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/nov/12/david-cameron-to-use-475m-of-uk-aid-budget-to-ease-migration-crisis


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