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Tusk praises Turkey on refugees

GMT 15:15 Monday ,25 April 2016

 Migrant Voice - Tusk praises Turkey on refugees

Photo of Donal Tusk and Angela Merkel
Mira Farhat

The European Council president Donald Tusk has openly praised Turkey for its treatment of Syrian refugees in a press statement while visiting the Turkish camp of Gaziantep, with German chancellor Angela Merkel.

Mr. Tusk stated that, ‘Turkey is the best example for the whole world how we should treat refugees. No one has a right to lecture Turkey what to do.”

Turkey currently hosts over 2.5 million Syrian refugees, but independent reports from human rights organisations including Amnesty International have condemned Turkey for its treatment of Syrian refugee.

As was reported in the Independent newspaper, Amnesty International has continually expressed its fears over the treatment of Syrian refugees, especially after the EU-Turkey one for one deal on refugees.

Amnesty International’s director for Europe and Central Asia, John Dalhuisen, said that ‘Turkey is not a safe place for Syrian refugees and is becoming increasing less safe.’

Dalhuisen, voiced further concerns regarding the lack of direct involvement and monitoring from the EU regarding the treatment of Syrian refugee in Turkey, asserting that, ‘the [EU] rather than improving the protection it offers Syrian refugees, the EU is in fact incentivising the opposite.’

Moreover, there are assertions that Turkish officials have been illegally deporting Syrian refugees back to Syria without allowing them to apply for asylum.

Further claims of ill treatment have been declared by the Syrian Observatory, a UK based organisation, which has stated that ‘16 people if not more have been shot dead by Turkish official forces with at least 3 children amongst the dead.’

To read the full article: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/eu-donald-tusk-turkey-refugee-a6999021.html


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