Migrants continue to make their journey

to escape Calais ‘Jungle’

GMT 13:14 Wednesday ,24 June 2015

 Migrant Voice - to escape Calais ‘Jungle’

Chineme Valerie Ene

A video has surfaced online of migrants trying to board a lorry at the ports of Calais, following industrial action strikes by French ferry workers regarding whether they would lose their jobs next month. migrants were seen to attempt to board lorries that were stuck in the backlog of traffic following the closure of the tunnel to accommodate the strikes.

Migration from Calais to the UK has been in focus over recent years, due to the strictly controlled border crossing between France and the UK, and the very visible attempts from especially asylum seekers to cross to the UK. Many more individuals seek asylum in France than in the UK, but some try an make the crossing to the UK. There are a number of push factors that mean the UK is often a safer place for individuals - many of whom are coming from war torn countries, such as Syria - to seek refuge. It is difficult to apply for asylum status in France because it can often mean migrants are without shelter or food whilst they wait for three months.

A number of news outlets have outlined concerns surrounding the levels of migrants expected to try to get into Britain during the summer months. However, as a previous study has shown, there are more asylum seekers in France than there are anywhere else in Europe. Policy deployed by French authorities in 2009, attempted to clear migrant settlements, known as ‘jungles’, across the coast of Calais. But as the scenes from this video show, this has failed to fully tackle the factors that push migrants onwards from Calais.

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