solidarity shown towards Rohingyas

Rohingya Refugees receive compassion in Aceh

GMT 15:46 Monday ,13 July 2015

 Migrant Voice - Rohingya Refugees receive compassion in Aceh

Jesuit Refugee Service

Rohingya refugees who were rescued in Aceh Darussalam in May have received the attention of locals and the government. A total of more than a thousand Rohingya Muslims have been given shelter at the refugee camps in Aceh including 374 orphans that are believed to be the victims of human trafficking.

Aceh's intention to assist the Rohingya refugees have been supported by the government of Indonesia and NGOs to provide protection and help to find countries to receive them permanently.

Orphans were given protection and will be sent to boarding schools. "There are more than 300 Islamic boarding schools in Banyuwangi that have expressed their readiness to accommodate the Rohingya refugees, The Minister of Social Affairs, Kolfifah Indar Parawansa said.

At the same time refugees were given assistance for mental health rehabilitation, trauma healing services, education and vocational skills training. Aceh’s civil society also helps to provide religious education and vocational training in addition to reading and writing skills to improve their working ability.

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