New measures on immigration across Europe

Proposed by Germany

GMT 19:07 Tuesday ,25 August 2015

 Migrant Voice - Proposed by Germany

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Razia Khanum

The French President, Francois Hollande was set to meet up with the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel Monday night in Berlin to propose new measures on immigration and security.

The dispersion of refugees across the European continent is uneven with Germany sheltering more than one third of the refugees entering the continent. Germany urges the setting up of a new system of compulsory quotas for refugees across Europe. A similar proposal was rejected earlier this year by many European countries. The European Commission also shares the same view as Germany and is to suggest a new long-term system of emergency sharing of refugees amongst the union members. Germany has conveyed its intentions to revive national border controls if other members do not accept refugees more equally.

The Commission, being the custodian of the Schengen system, upheld its view about freedom of movement in the area pronouncing these principles unchangeable. However, it suggested that more identity checks could be carried out on rail traffic as long as border controls were not set up.

Merkel and Hollande will also be discussing security following the recent shooting incident that took place on the high-speed train from Amsterdam to Paris which has heightened the need for new initiatives. 

Meanwhile, in Eastern Germany violent protests took place over the weekend against refugees in which more than 30 police officers were injured. 250 refugees had arrived on Friday, escaping from violence in torn countries such as Syria, Iraq and Eritrea. Angela Merkel condemned these acts, calling it ‘disgusting’ and labelled the proprietors behind it as far right extremists.

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Photo: Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande at the 50th anniversary of the meeting between Adenauer and de Gaulle in Reims where they signed the Franco-German Friendship Treaty


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