New Video Shows Individuals in Calais

Organisation shows why refugees in Calais are not “just a bunch of migrants”

GMT 15:56 Wednesday ,03 February 2016

 Migrant Voice - Organisation shows why refugees in Calais are not “just a bunch of migrants”

Image by Simon James via Flickr
Nicolette Hill

On January 27th, David Cameron caused a lot of discussion and controversy when he called refugees in Calais a “bunch of migrants”. While some did not see a problem with the phrase and defended Cameron, others argued that the language used was ‘de-humanising’ and grouped asylum seekers and refugees with people leaving their homes by choice.

Help Refugees, a charity that has come out of the #helpcalais social media campaign, released a new video that shows the professions of refugees in the “Jungle” in Calais.

40 people out of the 6,000 residents in the Jungle were picked at random to write their professions for the video. The diversity in the professions that these refugees listed shows that the people living in these camps are skilled and able to contribute to society. The video also defines a refugee as someone who has been forced to leave their country rather than someone who leaves by choice.  

The Help Refugee website states, “We wanted to re-humanise the wonderful people that we meet and work with on a daily basis so we asked them to share their professions with us. The results were diverse- everything from pro-footballer to nurse to animator.”

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