PM sets out post-election plans to cut net migration

Non-EU skilled workers first to be affected

GMT 16:09 Friday ,12 June 2015

 Migrant Voice - Non-EU skilled workers first to be affected


Prime Minister David Cameron announced proposals to significantly reduce non-EU immigration during prime minister’s questions on Wednesday the 10th of June. The first measures which include raising the thresholds for recruiting skilled workers from outside Europe will be implemented this autumn. Nurses form one of the largest groups which could be affected by this.

The Prime Minister’s has set out his plans to discourage EU migration as part of his promise to cut net migration, but they are restricted under the EU’s freedom of movement rules. There are no such restrictions when it comes to non-EU migrants.

"In the past it has been frankly too easy for some businesses to bring in workers from overseas . We need to do more to change that," Cameron said.

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has now been asked for a detailed examination of ways to significantly reduce work-related migration from outside Europe. Suggested measures include restricting work visas to only genuine skills shortages and highly specialist experts, and putting a time limit on how long a sector can claim to have skills shortage.

Oxford University’s Migration Observatory has warned that the increasing demand from British businesses for skilled migrants some employers will be prevented from recruiting overseas.

Business leaders, showed worries about the new plans and that their supply of skilled workers will be cut. IoD (Institute of Directors) Director General Simon Walker: "It could appear misguided to risk harming the economy today in the hope of seeing results a decade down the line."

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