New border team proposed by European Commission

New plan for EU border control

GMT 18:30 Tuesday ,15 December 2015

 Migrant Voice - New plan for EU border control

Photo by Sébastien Bertrand
Razia Khanum

The European Commission is said to propose a new plan for the external EU border control today, December 15th, a European Border and Coast Guard Agency.

Until now the Frontex border team has been in charge of migrants arriving in the EU. They have been coordinating with the national governments and working under their authority in maintaining the rules and regulations. However, under the new proposal, the new border team would have the authority to undermine the national sovereignty of the host country.

Poland has stated that it will refuse all proposals of a new border team unless the host governments approve of it. Foreign Minister Witold Waszszykowsci voiced his concerns about this being “an undemocratic structure, not controlled by the member states.”

However, Frontex say that the new border control team would be able to register more people effectively as the number of sea patrols would rise. This has been another issue in recent months with hundreds of people coming in through Greece, unregistered. It has caused even more controversy since the November 13 attacks in Paris in which two gunmen had come in through the Greece route.

According to Amnesty International, it has already documented a number human rights violations at Europe's external border controls. It has found individuals turned away without providing them with a chance to claim asylum. Additionally, they are subjected to ‘ill-treatment’ and are returned to face life-threatening journeys. Therefore, it has proposed that any new team should be clear human rights guidelines in order to avoid any new violations.

The Commission is also proposing to shift people from camps in Turkey so they do not have to make the life-threatening journey across the sea.

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