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Net migration at 330,000

GMT 17:27 Thursday ,27 August 2015

 Migrant Voice - Net migration at 330,000

Photo by David McKelvey
Jay Kothari

The Office for National Statistics has Thursday the 27th of August released record high figures for Net Migration in the United Kingdom,  in the year ending March 2015 - at 330,000; of which 183,000 are from the EU. Primarily caused by an expanding EU, this is also a result of an improving British economy, especially for those migrants who have found or are looking for work and are consequently represented in a 28% increase from the previous report in March 2014. Overall, the figure is a 10,000 increase on the previous peak in Net Migration in 2005, whilst 9,000 fewer people have emigrated from the UK.

The figures, although a clear increase on last years, are still not indicative of Farage’s proposed ‘flood’ and 61% of incoming immigrants have definite jobs to go to, showing for the most part this migration is not surplus to the country’s requirements.  Moreover, a further 188,000 have come to study in the UK and are included in statistics despite being temporary immigrants, thus somewhat distorting the statistics. A further 83,000 come to join family and so as an already multicultural and globalized nation, such migration due to interconnectivity is to be anticipated. Asylum applications have risen to 25,000, 10% more than last year, though an expected inflation due to deteriorating conditions in Syria and other areas currently in conflict. 

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