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Migrants' contributions to British cuisine

GMT 19:05 Tuesday ,26 May 2015

 Migrant Voice - Migrants' contributions to British cuisine

Photo by Stéphanie Kilgast

Though having been criticized by some for its terrible cuisine, there is no doubt few countries could welcome the food of other cultures with more enthusiasm than Britain. Thanks to migrants from all around the world, indigenous cooking is now enriched by everything from pizza to dim sum and tacos to kebab. Ingredients from different corners of the planet can be seen in kitchens across the country.

Five young migrant chefs shared their understanding of cultural influences on their cooking with Nigel Slater, a food writer for the Guardian, who spent the last year making a television series about migrants in the UK and the food they brought with them here. Eating together, which starts on 1st June on BBC 1, brings very separate groups of people together talking about their food and stories.

Zoe Adjonyoh, one of the five migrants, talked about the changes her Ghana kitchen has brought: Maybe the African community has historically been more isolated, but now a huge number of second-generation kids want to show off their food and culture.’

Meera Sodha from India, mentioned the link of cuisines between two nations: Britain and India have such an age-old love affair – Queen Victoria was a massive curry fan and I’ve got a recipe book of old court favourites I love!

All five chefs revealed one of their own recipes as well.

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Photo: Miniature British Breakfast by Stéphanie Kilgast


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