London isn’t full up

GMT 12:05 Tuesday ,20 January 2015

 Migrant Voice - London isn’t full up

London,Oxford Street by Palickap
From the Guardian

Responding to the soon to be announced figures for London’s population growth, Labour MP David Lammy points out that the after slowly creeping up over the years, only now is London’s population going to be similar to that of 1939. In a recent comment for the Guardian, he criticises those who want to misuse the figures for population growth to support anti-immigrant rhetoric. Lammy is critical of the current rhetoric in the debate, which is blaming migrants for everything from “traffic jams to NHS waiting times” and the idea that London is full and we cannot have more population growth. To Lammy the new figures for London’s current population show the success and attraction of the city. He says that the city’s opportunities – whether people move here “to find work, set down roots, enjoy a world-class cultural scene and be accepted regardless of who you are and where you come from…” are something to celebrate.

Lammy also highlights the pressures and problems population growth can causes, but he points out that these challenges become problems because of the failure of political leaders to respond to it.

He says that we should look to history to see what is possible, including to some of the initiatives taken during WWII to respond to London’s growth. He continues to lay out his own plans for the city.

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