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Libya's Migrant Hell

GMT 12:15 Tuesday ,21 February 2017

 Migrant Voice - Libya's Migrant Hell

Photo by Lwp Kommunikáció
Mira Farhat

Ross Kemp, EastEnders actor turned documentary maker, has spent 15 years traveling to the world's most horrific and dangerous places from the Congo to India to Afghanistan, documenting the devastations of war torn countries, controlling militias and the horrors of child trafficking and child soldiers. 

Yet his latest documentary on the migrant crisis in Libya has proven to be his toughest, "what I saw is a new kind of modern-day slave trade", explained Kemp of the atrocities he witnessed. 

"Traffickers fleece the migrants of huge sums of money. But worse, they are then often beaten, kidnapped and sold into bonded labour or forced to work, for months or even years, to pay off their captors. Women are often trafficked into prostitution. The smugglers tell them they are going to Italy before selling them to brothel owners where they are subjected to indefinite rape and assault, with little chance of escape."

Kemp describes the tragedies of people’s stories and the devastations they are facing as they try to escape, to survive, only to be stuck in purgatory; where they are unable to stay in their own countries and unable to find sanctuary anywhere else in the world. 

"It seems nobody wants them. Not their own countries, Libya or Europe as European leaders are being put under pressure to reduce the number of people entering their countries as migrants."

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