Holocaust survivors urge UK:

Give Refuge to Syrian Refugees

GMT 19:10 Monday ,29 June 2015

 Migrant Voice - Give Refuge to Syrian Refugees

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Jewish campaigners who fled to holocaust 75 years ago have urged the prime minister, David Cameron to accept more refugees from Syria. So far, Germany has received a total of 30,000 Syrian refugees, while UK has only resettled a total of 187 refugees under the Vulnerable Person Relocation (VPR) scheme, which was introduced in January 2014.

Former MP, Lord Al Dubs, 82, who fled to the UK from Czechoslovakia during WW2 called for Britain to accept more refugees fleeing war-torn Syria. "We can certainly do better in taking some of the most vulnerable people." He said. He told the Mirror that he “might be dead” without the “very important” refuge offered him decades ago.

Another Jewish refugee, Katherin Hallgarten, 76, who fled the Nazis and was given shelter 75 years ago in the UK also called on the Prime Minister to do the same to Syria refugees today. "Britain was a place of safety for me and my family. It not only gave us refuge, it gave us a chance to grow and contribute, " she said.

A total of 300 houses were found around the UK by the Citizen Campaign Group UK, which they say can accommodate more than 2000 refugees. The accommodation includes spare rooms in family homes, housing association properties empty and unused university flats.

The Government have recently agreed to expand the Vulnerable Person Relocation scheme, but it is not expected that more than 1000 individuals will have been resettled by 2017.

Citizens UK’s Zrinka Bralo told the Mirror that: “This isn’t about an open-door immigration policy, it’s about offering sanctuary to those that experts at the UN have identified as most in need.

“Britain has a proud tradition of helping refugees and stepping in to support those who need a place of safety in times of crisis.

“It’s time to revive that tradition, and civil society is offering to play its part.”

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