More migrants taking "Arctic route"

Freezing weather presents hazard to migrants

GMT 18:32 Wednesday ,20 January 2016

 Migrant Voice - Freezing weather presents hazard to migrants

Image by "Shawn Harquail" via Flickr
Nicolette Hill

With an increasing amount of European countries implementing stricter immigration regulations, migrants are facing freezing temperatures on the Arctic route in order to find asylum. Now it is much harder for migrants to gain access to countries through the Mediterranean route. Instead of going to Libya, Greece, and the Balkans, migrants have found a new route through Russia to a border crossing in Norway. However, as Norway has tightened its border regulations, more migrants are turning to Finland for refuge. Near the Salla border where many are trying to get into Finland, temperatures have been reported to be as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius. The road in Russia that leads to the border crossing is also very remote with few buildings along the way.

Many migrants, including children, have had to be rescued by the medical service in Alakurtti, a locality of Russia, after they attempted to walk in these harsh conditions to the border. This caused a hotel to be opened in the Russian town of Kandalaksha for migrants trying to get into Finland. However, many people continue to stay in their freezing cars in order to keep their place in the line. One man has even been reported to have died in his car after he spent days in the extreme cold, waiting at the road checkpoint in Alakurtti.


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