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EU turns a blind eye to refugees

GMT 17:10 Thursday ,16 April 2015

 Migrant Voice - EU turns a blind eye to refugees

Image: Vito Manzari from Martina Franca (TA), Italy
Carla Gemma Calandra

As situations in various countries in Africa worsen, more and more migrants are fleeing to Europe, particularly Italy, for safety and for their lives. The perilous journey these migrants endure to save themselves and their families is not the end, however. Once in Europe, they face restrictions and detention centers in their quest for a new life.

Critics including Judith Sargentini, Greens/EFA spokesperson on immigration, blame Europe for simultaneously acknowledging and “turning a blind eye to the precarious journeys engaged on by desperate refugees.”

Italian politicians and officers are struggling to keep up with the immense number of migrants to arrive at their sea borders: 10,000 refugees were found by the Italian coastguard in the past week.

Italy’s Foreign Minister, Paolo Gentiloni, has also spoken publicly about the situation. He’s acknowledged the overwhelming numbers of refugees arriving at Italian borders and asks the EU for their acknowledgement and assistance: “We have not had an adequate response from the EU.”

Enda Brady of Sky News reported in her recent article that the “European border agency vessels and aircraft monitor the borders rather than save lives.” With so many migrants dying each day – 400 who recently drowned near Libya – many are crying out for a reform in policy and action.

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