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EU Migrants will be Ineligible to Vote

GMT 17:25 Tuesday ,26 May 2015

 Migrant Voice - EU Migrants will be Ineligible to Vote

by Melina Lim

Recently, a handful of MPs urged the Prime Minister, David Cameron to guarantee that he would not allow EU Migrants residing in the UK to vote in the referendum on whether the UK is to remain in the EU. Yesterday, the Prime Minister has decided not to let EU Nationals, who are otherwise eligible to vote in European elections, vote in thereferendum.

The Prime Minister has set the rules to allow only the British, Irish and Commonwealth citizens over 18 and resident in the UK, and UK nationals who have been resident overseas for less than 15 years, to vote in the referendum. However, EU Migrants in the UK will miss the opportunity to vote even though they are entitled to vote in local and European elections.

This decision has been criticised as “piecemeal”

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