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Different responses to refugees

GMT 12:37 Friday ,04 September 2015

 Migrant Voice - Different responses to refugees

Razia Khanum

While Germany has announced that it is going to grant asylum to all Syrian refugees regardless of the Dublin regulation, there are still many hurdles for refugees to reach safety in Europe with tragedies unfolding daily.
Earlier in the week outside the station of the Hungarian Capital, Budapest, thousands of refugees were forced to camp outside as all the trains are adjourned. Migrants were not allowed to board trains leaving for Germany and Austria.
In Greece, more than 4000 asylum seekers were transported from the islands to the mainland because of the great numbers arriving daily.
There are still hundreds of people trying to enter Great Britain through the Eurotunnel from Calais.
On sea, at least 21 people were killed as two boats were capsized while making their way to Kos, Turkey. The boats, only able to host 10 people, were filled with 16 and 17 people. Tragic pictures of a three-year-old Syrian boy washed up on the beach went viral after the incident.
European Union Officials are concerned with the way the member states are complying with the laws concerning asylum seekers. Globally there is alarm at the EU's inability to find a solution to the crisis.
Emergency talks were held yesterday by EU officials.

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