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Calls for UK to take more asylum seekers

GMT 19:30 Friday ,04 September 2015

 Migrant Voice - Calls for UK to take more asylum seekers

Drawing of Aylan Kurdi by LocoWiki
Razia Khanum

After months of tragic stories of migrant deaths, came the heart breaking picture of a three-year old Syrian boy drowned and washed up on the shores of a European Beach. It seems this was the turning point that has led to an outpouring of support for more action from Britain in taking a greater number of the asylum seekers arriving in Europe each day.  A petition to parliament for the UK to accept more asylum seekers has been signed by more than 300,000 people.

The young boy, Aylan Kurdi, was on board a boat that was sailing towards Kos from Turkey when it capsized. The boat, which was intended for a maximum of 10 people, carried 17 passengers. Amongst them was Aylan’s five-years old brother Galip, his mother Reham and his father Abdullah Kurdi. Abdullah was the only member of the family who survived the incident. The grief-stricken father has decided to go back to Kobane where his families’ bodies are instead of carrying his journey forward.

This incident played a pivotal role in the refugee crisis as after the tragic photo of the young boy circulated around the globe. Many people’s perception about the crisis changed. British Prime Minister, David Cameron was also ‘deeply moved’ by the images.

#refugeeswelcome instantly became the ‘top-trending’ hashtag on twitter.

A great number of the public ‘demanded’ that Britain provide asylum to more refugees escaping their war torn countries.

Many wrote messages to the Metro, which conveyed their strong feelings about the incident.

“As a child of ‘immigrant’ parents, I have made a home here and contribute to the public sector in my line of work, as do my parents. It is shameful that we cannot offer these opportunities to other people that have left atrocities to reach a ‘safe haven’ here. These children could become the doctors or nurses that save your lives in the future.” Athi, West Sussex.

Justin Forsyth from Save the Children told the Metro that it was time the government did more than solely giving money to refugee camps in Syria, but rather that the UK should take in more refugees so it can ‘pressure’ the other members.

An appeal was further launched by the organisation to help refugees who are making their journey across Europe.

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