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GMT 12:13 Tuesday ,21 April 2015

 Migrant Voice - calls for political action

Carla Gemma Calandra

Political leaders are finally sitting down to talk about the crisis in the Mediterranean after the hundreds of deaths this week. It seems as though, every day, another boat of another hundred people is sinking or failing to make it ashore in their desperate search for asylum. After the recent boat capsizing off the coast of Libya, rescuers say enough is enough.

The captain and a crew member from the crash were arrested Tuesday, April 21. Their charges, according to Assistant Prosecutor Rocco Liguori, were of “favouring illegal immigration and that the captain was also charged with reckless multiple homicide in relation to the sinking.”

Ed Miliband made a statement to the BBC declaring the Italian search and rescue programme, called Mare Nostrum, should be restarted.

The Prime Minister blames the human traffickers for these thousands of deaths. His plan is to “deal with the instability in the countries concerned, you have got to go after the human traffickers and the criminals that are running this trade.” He also mentioned that safety and rescue missions should continue regardless.

David Cameron has taken time from his election campaign to travel to Brussels for further meeting and discussion on this incident and many others like it.


Photo: Noborder network: Cayuco approached by a Spanish coast guard vessel in 2008. 


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