Lesbian woman refused asylum

because she is a mother

GMT 19:05 Thursday ,05 March 2015

 Migrant Voice - because she is a mother

By: Ludovic Bertron
Allison McLellan

Aderonke Apata, a Lesbian asylum seeker, was denied asylum from the Home Office this week on the claim that she cannot be a lesbian because she has children.

If deported back to Nigeria, Apata would be faced with persecution, torture, and a death sentence. Last year, the country passed legislation that criminalised same-sex marriages and gay groups as well as banned public displays of affection for same-sex couples.

In order to prove her sexuality, Apata had to submit personal photos and video of her and her girlfriend as evidence. But due to the fact that she had been in a heterosexual relationship with children in the past, the evidence was dismissed.

Her case exposes the inappropriate procedures used by the Home Office deals with LGBT asylum seekers. To learn more about how the system addresses migrant sexuality, read here.


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