Replace migration security complex with 'integration industry'

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GMT 13:30 Thursday ,12 February 2015

 Migrant Voice - Alternative solutions

Photo: Delhamieh Camp, Lebanon, by the Austrian Foreign Ministry
Kate Ng

The Conversation, a news analysis and academic website, has suggested replacing the 'migration security complex' with a publicly funded 'integration industry'. The article points out how ignorance of migrants' sufferings have cause the United Nations High Commission for Refugees has struggled to secure 130,000 resettlement places for Syrian refugees searching for sanctuary, despite a high-profile pledging initiative in December.

It condemns the treatment of immigration as a 'blame game' and says that it isn't just migrants who suffer as a result of immigration laws, citizens do too. Author Katy Long calls for an end to this game and to start thinking of alternatives to the current restrictive migration policies.

Read the full article here.


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