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 Migrant Voice - Biased and Unjust
Mira Farhat
Home Office whistleblowers disclose to the Guardian the cruel and damaging reality of the asylum seeking application process, leading to ‘cut and paste’ decisions that are in effect making the asylum process a lottery. Former Home Office employees have described the unfair and callous nature of decision making, claiming that some colleagues were proud of their refusal records. ‘There was…Read more
 Migrant Voice - Anglo-French Immigration Treaty
In a joint Anglo – French agreement both Prime Minister May and President Macron have embarked on a co-operative commitment to speed up the asylum seeking process for refugees with families already living in the UK. The Sandhurst Treaty, intends to reduce processing times for asylum seeker claims that have been accepted by the other countries; with aims of transferring…Read more
 Migrant Voice - Olympic Team GB Boxing Champ Facing Deportation
Kelvin Bilal Fawaz is London's middleweight boxing champion.  He has represented England six times in boxing championships and was chosen to represent Team GB for the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games. Now he is locked up in Tinsley House immigration removal centre. Kelvin underwent a difficult childhood, experiencing abuse and modern slavery after arriving in the UK from Nigeria at…Read more
 Migrant Voice - Desperate search for staff as Home Office struggles to cope
  According to Home Office sources, the rising number of EU citizen registration applications has resulted in sever staff shortages with the government needing to find at least 500 more immigration centre workers to begin to manage the newly created immigration system in the run up to Brexit. Sources suggest that the government is looking to Poland and Eastern Europe…Read more
 Migrant Voice - Cornwall farmers plea for labour as produce sits rotting in fields
Cornwall farmers plea for labour as produce sits rotting in fields Farmers in Cornwall are calling for labour help from the government to save rotting crops. Cornwall Council, which voted overwhelmingly 56% Leave in the EU referendum, is asking the government to implement a ‘place-based migration workforce system’ to counteract the loss of labour force following the EU referendum result,…Read more
 Migrant Voice - Syrian refugees at the heart of labour exploitation in Turkish factories
Syrian refugees at the heart of labour exploitation in Turkish factories The Business and Human Rights Resource Centre (BHRRC) has release an investigative report into the exploitation of Syrian refugees in Turkish garment factories. The report claims that, ‘since 2015, reports and investigations have exposed poor wages, discrimination, and child labour by Syrian refugees working in the Turkish garment industry’.…Read more
 Migrant Voice - Home Office to deport American husband caring for his disabled wife
  Dale McIntier is currently facing deportation from the Home Office that would leave his severely disabled British wife Sandra McIntier in a dire and vulnerable situation.   Mr McIntier, an American citizen, who came to the UK on a visitor’s visa in 2015, has been caring round the clock for his wife who suffers from “a genetic bone condition…Read more
 Migrant Voice - An  increasing crises facing refugee children and unaccompanied minors
UNICEF warned this week of the increasing crises facing refugee children and unaccompanied minors. In a statement released on the 27th of October, UNICEF stated that “only third of the 3,000 unaccompanied refugee and migrant children currently in Greece are receiving proper shelter and care”  Laurent Chapuis, Country Coordinator for UNICEF’s refugee and migrant response in Greece., said that,  “unaccompanied…Read more
 Migrant Voice - Italian refugee camp 'worse than the Jungle'
Almost 700 refugees including unaccompanied children are living in desolate and uninhabitable camps in the Italian city of Ventimiglia, which experts have deemed “worse than the Jungle”. Disturbing research carried out by Refugee Rights Data Project (RRDP) and revealed to the ‘The Independent’, shows many refugees are living in conditions that are “wholly inadequate”, with an “acute” lack of clean drinking…Read more
 Migrant Voice - Putting migrant children’s health and safety at risk.
New NHS charging rules are putting migrant children’s health and safety at risk.  Charities such as Docs Not Cops and Migrants Organise have expressed their outrage of the new policy.  A Nurse for DNC explained that, "School nurses are a first point of contact for so many children and not only provide healthcare advice but are also a confidante and…Read more

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