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Migrant entrepreneurs speak out about Brexit

Migrant entrepreneurs speak out about Brexit


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 Migrant Voice - Migrant entrepreneurs speak out about Brexit

Four out of five migrant entrepreneurs in the UK believe Brexit will have a negative effect on their business and more than a third have considered relocating their business due to the UK’s impending departure from the EU.

More than 80% believe they have capabilities that can be used to strengthen the UK economy, however, and many are keen to use them here in Britain.

The numbers come from a survey conducted by Migrant Voice and PR platform High Profile Club, which was founded by one of our members, Rafael dos Santos. The results were analysed by Regent’s University London.

The report will be launched at an awards ceremony at the Houses of Parliament on Saturday, 27 April, the culmination of the 5th Annual Migrant Business Show, run by High Profile Club, supported by Migrant Voice.

The 140 respondents come from 52 different countries and represent a wide variety of industries, including imports, gardening, digital services, tourism, publishing, coaching, finance and mental health.

Many expressed concern about the changing circumstances for both migrants and business owners in the UK since the EU referendum.

One person described Brexit as “a catastrophe at all levels: trade, business and human” and comment that the “current mood and government is very anti-migrant”.

Another said they had experienced “goods getting trapped at customs” and had started “placing more people outside of the UK” to counteract the effects Brexit is already having.

One person said that it is “difficult to give to a country that does not want you anymore,” while another commented that there is a “lot of damage and pain already… [It] will take a long time for the UK to become a fair, just and welcoming country again”.

A small number had a positive outlook, with one respondent saying that Brexit will “allow the UK to be independent and make trade deals around the world”.

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