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GMT 13:25 Wednesday ,06 May 2015

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‘I am an immigrant’ is a poster campaign to celebrate immigration as part of the fabric of British society. Posters of immigrants are now on display at 400 London Tube stations and 550 railway stations nationwide.

The campaign is designed ‘to challenge the negative rhetoric against immigrants, celebrate them and provide them with a platform to share their story’.

Now other immigrants are invited to share their experiences and contributions to the society through a website. If you are an immigrant, you can upload photos and stories to create your own posters. A short description based on country of origin, current location and occupation is required to allow others to search for existing stories and profiles.

The campaign is run by the Movement Against Xenophobia (MAX), a network working to oppose anti-immigrant agendas in the UK. Financed through crowd funding, the campaign received £54,101 in just three weeks from 1524 supporters.

MAX is also combining the poster campaign with The International Organisation for Migration’s ‘Migrant Heroes’ campaign, which recognises the many ways in which migrants contribute to society,.

The #MigrantHeroes Campaign will run throughout 2015, culminating in the presentation the most prominent and compelling 10 migrants stories.

To create your own poster and share your immigrant story here:


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